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Bespoke Database Management Systems

Custom Software are based in Cardiff, South Wales, UK and are responsible for supplying successful bespoke software applications to many businesses and organisations including shop sales and ordering management, music and DVD media suppliers, police service, steel and fabrication companies, trading standards, industry services and other various businesses both locally and nationally.

Custom Software Bespoke Applications

Bespoke Software Applications

All of our applications are written with the user in mind and are not just “Another application off the shelf”. During the design stage we pride ourselves on getting it right by offering our clients consultation and a demonstration of the proposed application as its being written. This ensures we get it right and you get what you ask for. All our applications are upgradeable if and when required.

Consult, Design, Produce

Custom Software will consult, design, produce and supply multi and single user bespoke applications that can include stock and invoice management, barcode capability, automated email invoicing (saving you in postage and stationary costs) and SAGE Accountancy export file integration. Please contact us with your requirements.

MG11 Witness Statement

Manual of Guidance Forms

Our bespoke MG Forms Management System has been developed with the user in mind and can be adapted to suit the agency. Fully upgradable with amendments when required including changes to legislation or law. You request the amendments, we make the changes.

Quality Files

Every form contained within the system will always be produced the same.

Preview Forms

System MG and other bespoke forms within can be previewed when required.

Multi User

The MG Forms management system is a multi user network software application.

Bespoke Forms

Additional bespoke forms can be added and linked for use with files of evidence.


Our MG Forms Management System software application is upgradable on request.

Ease of Use

Self explanatory data input together with system prompts to assist with file preparation.

Website Design Service

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